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Creating a Dataset from an Image in R Markdown using reticulate

Did you see the paper where a dataset was created from a cartoon and thought, how do I create that using #rstats? This blog post walks through using reticulate to use #Python and ggplot2 in the same R markdown notebook 😎🐍 https://t.

Why I’m Excited to Join RStudio, Told Through a {blogdown} Metadata Project

I joined RStudio to contribute to their blog, and the first thing I did was use R to pull metadata from the blog.

Politely Scraping Wikipedia Tables

Walkthrough on “politely” scraping Wikipedia tables and transforming them into analysis-ready datasets.

Getting Started in #rtistry

Introduction to creating generative art using R.

Exploring Other {ggplot2} geoms

List of {ggplot2} geoms.

Creating a Book Manuscript using {bookdown}

Tips on using {bookdown} to create a manuscript to submit for publishing.